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Our infant program (6 weeks-18 months) will revolve around planned activities to boost language, cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and approaches toward learning. We will encourage child and caregiver interactions to help develop rich oral language and vocabulary as well as solid social-emotional connections. Our primary focus will be supporting your child on their developmental journey.


In our toddler program (ages 18-36 months), your child will be immersed in a language-rich environment built for developing receptive and expressive language skills. All activities will enhance your child’s development and introduce them to a daily routine they can depend on. Our primary focus will be on building confidence and supporting your child’s social-emotional development. This will help with impulse control and developing healthy relationships with peers and caregivers.


Three-year-olds are transitioning from parallel play to cooperative play, and their vocabulary is expanding. Our program for children ages 36-48 months increases literacy development and supports children as they interact and share with others. It sets a foundation for math concepts while also incorporating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) content. Our program balances intentional instruction with hands-on learning and respects the differences among children. Interactions between children and adults are encouraged to develop strong oral language skills and deep social-emotional connections.


Our Pre-K4 program (48 months and older) will help to enrich your child’s kindergarten readiness skills. This program utilizes best teaching practices, play-based learning, and provides the tools for a solid social-emotional foundation. Literacy, math, and all other content domains are included. By providing literacy rich experiences throughout the day, your child will begin the groundwork for learning to read. It will nurture your child’s natural curiosity and originality as they observe, analyze, and ask questions while completing scientific investigations. We will have STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) activities that inspire young learners to identify problems and find ways to solve them using their imagination. Our engaging and interactive program encourages a love for learning.

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