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National Water Safety Month

What is National Water Safety Month?

National Water Safety Month is a coordinated effort to highlight the importance of staying safe and being prepared around the water. May is a perfect time to refocus on these topics as the summer season approaches and every family can take a few simple steps to ensure this summer is a safe one.

Learn To Swim

The most important safety tip is to make sure everyone in your family knows how to swim. As a coordinator of National Water Safety Month, the Red Cross offers swim lessons and promotes the importance of water competancy. Swimming lessons can help infants, toddlers, and young children become comfortable with the water and understand how to get to safety if they are in danger. Even if your child is naturally comfortable in the water, swim lessons can help build strong water safety skills. 

Put Water Safety First

Make water safety a high priority for your entire family. Start teaching your children the rules of being near water as early as possible and make sure they understand they are not allowed to be in or near water without an adult or without permission. Drowning can happen in an instant and often happens quietly, so make sure that at least one person is designated to watch the water at all times that children are in it. This month is also a perfect time to inspect and update any fencing or barriers you have installed around your pool. 

Be Prepared To Respond

In the case of an emergency, you will want to be prepared to respond quickly and appropriately. Understand the signs of drowning and how to help a person or child that is drowning. Also, plan to take CPR and First Aid training. Classes are widely available and strongly encouraged for families so life-saving care can begin as soon as an accident occurs while first responders are on the way. 

Final Thoughts

Summer can be such a fun time for families as long as everyone stays safe! Pelican Point Preschool would like to urge you to take time during the month of May to make sure your family is prepared to responsibly enjoy the water this season.

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